This is the latest booklet for teaching men about sexual assault, rape, date
rape, molestation, and pressured sex. This booklet is appropriate for high
school and college students, athletes, and men on probation or parole.

This booklet addresses areas of concern for men addressing sexual assault
and abuse, date rape, child molestation, pressured sex, and rape. This booklet
•        All types of forced sexual contact
•        The difference between mutual sex and sexual abuse
•        Types of pressure and abuse
•        How to recognize sexual abusers
•        When pressured sex becomes rape
•        Why use pressured sex
•        Effects of sexual abuse
•        Reducing  risk of committing sexual abuse, date rape, rape,                    
and pressured sex

This booklet was originally released in 1992 from Safer Society Program &
Press and was written for high school and college students.
It was a best
seller for over 10 years
. Recently revised, it is now being used with sexual
predators on supervision, athletes, college students, and high school students.
This booklet helps men take responsibility for stopping their sexually aggressive
behavior by learning about the issues of pressured sex, forced sex, and sexual
violence. This booklet is written in straightforward language about making
appropriate decisions regarding sexual behavior.

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About the Author
Scott A. Johnson, MA, LP, DABPS. He has over 28 years experience providing
clinical and forensic assessment, treatment, consultation, and expert testimony.
He provides forensic consultation and training nationally to law enforcement,
probation, and mental health professionals addressing sexual offenders and
physical abusers.  The training provided to law enforcement is specifically
related to the investigation of sex related and abuse related crimes, profiling,
and interrogation/interview strategies. He has also taught at numerous colleges
and universities.

He has worked with the Minnesota Department of Corrections as the Civil
Commitment Review Coordinator. In that position he helped write and establish
forensic assessment protocol for sexually violent predators and conducted over
850 forensic evaluations/profiles on sexual offenders for the purpose of civil
commitment as Sexually Dangerous Persons and Sexual Psychopathic

He has been a consultant to several Minnesota Governors regarding sexual
predator legislation and forensic treatment and served as a task force member
addressing national standards for substance abuse treatment and sexual
predator treatment.

He is the author of several book chapters, booklets, research, and other
professional materials. The National Judicial Education Program for Legal
Momentum is using Mr. Johnson’s textbook Physical Abusers and Sexual
Offenders: Forensic Considerations & Strategies (2007) to educate Judges
about sexual offenders and abusers (

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New Booklet:
Man-To-Man: When Your Partner Says “NO”
2nd edition: 2013