CEU Training Qualifications

1. General Information
We offer high quality consultation, presentations and training related to assessing, treating, and investigating
physical abusers and sexual offenders.

Services include case consultation and training related to understanding physical abusers and sexual
offenders. Effective forensic assessment, expert testimony, treatment, criminal prosecution, supervision, and
civil commitment require understanding the characteristics and behaviors that physical abusers and sexual
offenders possess and demonstrate. Our training and case consultation will help make you more effective in
your work.

The services offered will benefit those involved in:
forensic assessment
treatment of physical abusers and/or sexual offenders
law enforcement
probation & parole officers
judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys
medical staff who work in mental health, correctional, or emergency room settings

Scott A. Johnson, MA, LP has been offering trainings since 1991 and has been involved in forensic psychology for over 26 years.

2. Quality of the Training
The trainings offered are specialized and focused on addressing forensic and treatment issues related to
physical and verbal abusers and sexual offenders. The trainings are based on the presenter’s professional
experience and the content supported in the literature. Much of the training material is taken from the following
two textbooks:
Practical Aspects Of Rape Investigation: A Multidisciplinary Approach (4th edition).
by Robert R. Hazelwood and Ann W. Burgess. 2009, Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis.

Physical Abusers and Sexual Offenders: Forensic and Clinical Strategies.
by Scott Allen Johnson, 2007, Boca Raton, FL: CRC/Taylor & Francis.

3. Operational Policies & Procedures
Mr. Johnson will be the primary training and presenter. If another trainer or presenter is used, they will have no
less than 10 years experience in their respective fields.

Participants will sign-in for each section. Staff will monitor the door so ensure that anyone leaving the room
returns within a reasonable time or credit will not be issued for that section of the training.

Credit will be given for participation in all sections of a scheduled training. Partial credit will be given if the
participant attends at least 50% of the training. No credit will be given for any section if the participant is more
than 10 minutes late for that section.

Participants will be given a certificate of attendance and completion for the specified training on the final day of
the training at the end of the training. Each certificate will be signed by the owner of Forensic Consultation,
Scott A. Johnson, MA, LP.

The following records will be maintained: 1) attendance sign-in sheets; 2) copy of any questionnaire or quiz
administered; 3) the Evaluation Form. All records will be maintained for at least 5 years by Forensic
Consultation in a locked file cabinet.

4. Procedure For Reporting Complaints &/or Alleged Discrimination.
The following are the procedures for filing general complaints and complaints pertaining discrimination in the
  1. Any person may make a verbal report of a complaint or alleged discrimination to the Director/Owner of
    Forensic Consultation  (Scott Allen Johnson, MA, LP).
  2. The verbal report must be put into writing in order to be investigated. It is not necessary to first make a
    verbal report.
  3. The nature of the allegations will be investigated. Consultation with appropriate professionals or
    authorities may occur as necessary.
  4. A written response will be provided to the complainant within 14 business days. This response will indicate
    the findings of the investigation.
  5. If the investigation is not possible to complete within 14 business days, the complainant will be notified
    within the 14 business days that more time is required to complete the investigation.
  6. All complaints are confidential, and will not be discussed or disclosed without proper authority (e.g.,
    obtaining a release of information; a licensing board requiring that the nature of the complaint and
    resolution be disclosed; as required by law).
  7. Reports will be made to the appropriate licensing boards or agencies as warranted by the own/director,
    Scott Allen Johnson, MA, LP.

5. Ongoing Evaluation
Evaluation forms and feedback will be reviewed by staff and will be kept on file for future revisions of the
trainings and presentations.

6. Home Study/Online/Correspondence Courses
At this time only in person trainings are available. Future plans do include the development of online and home
study courses.

7. Brief Long-Range Plan
The long-range plan is to continue to develop specialty trainings related to abuse and sex offenses and to
eventually offer online and home study courses. Additional staff will be added from across the country as
needed to add to our expertise and will include a multidisciplinary team of presenters.

8. Plan for Ongoing Evaluation
As already mentioned, all feedback will be reviewed, kept on file, and will play a role in future development of
services to be offered.

9. Individual Original Course Offerings
The primary training can be modified into a one of two day training. The two-day training will allow for much
more information to be discussed and more case examples given. The sections of the training can be offered as
stand-alone trainings as needed.
If your licensing board requests information about the training you attended, you may use
the following information to substantiate the quality of the training and the presenter’s
qualifications. Please contact the presenter with any questions or concerns.
The two-day training has been authorized for 14 to 16 CEU training hours by the following
POST Boards:
        Arizona POST Board (14-318) (16 hours)
       Arkansas (CLEST 8434-3069) (16 hours)
        Georgia POST Council (NBS00G) (16 hours)
        Indiana Law Enforcment Training Board (41-2003254) (16 hours)
        Kentucky Law Enforcement Council  (1770-11A) (16 hours)
        Michigan MCOLES Provider  (1770-11A) (16 hours)
        Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (9873-0011) (16 hours)
        Mississippi- Board on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training (16 hours)
        Missouri POST Board (707111510) (14 hours)
        Nevada POST Board (P2370001) (14 hours)
        New Mexico (NM14-65S) (14 hours)
        North Carolina Professional Law Enforcement Training Certificate (14 hours)
        Oklahoma CLEET (18-3028) (16 hours)
        South Carolina (SCCJA- 5642) (16 hours)
        Tennessee POST Board (16 hours)
Texas (TC-COLE) (16 hours)
        Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) (16.75 hours)

No approval required for Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts,
New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Utah, Vermont, & Wisconsin.

Other State POST Boards have accepted this training without requiring specific