Feedback from Training Participants

"The course was very valuable in my job as an investigator of sexual offenders in Orange County. I look at
sexual offenders in a new light."
Celvin Walwyn, Orange County Sheriff's Department, Florida

“The presentation was well organized and very useful.”
Pete Cumming, FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)

"Great information, very useful, wonderful personality."
Sandra Ochoa, Kingsville Police, Texas

"This was one of the most useful presentations that I've been too in a long time. I can use almost all of the
information daily in sex crimes investigating."
Hal Hutchinson, Louisiana State Police

"I have been looking for a class with informative information and this class had all of the information on
sexual personality and behavior I was looking for. Scott presented the information with much care and
compassion, he really understands what and how police are trying to do, by keeping  these sex offenders off
the streets."
Kevin Stelly, Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office, Louisiana

"No response needed cause this was one of the best I've been involved with. Mr. Johnson is very
knowledgeable about the course, overall very good stuff!"
Anthony Loshbough, Cumberland County Sheriff, Tennessee

"Mr. Johnson is very knowledgeable of material which is obvious by his presentation. He was able to relate to
the audience and talk on an understandable level. Presentation easily made into three day or longer or
sections presented in a 1 or two day seminar. Very pleased!
Frank Shoemaker, Abilene Police Department, Texas

"The training material will be used to assist me in supervising my target population (sex offender). Training
material provided essential insight into the mindset of the sex offender & what cues to look for to assist in
effectively supervising these offenders."
Kurt Alexander, U.S. Probation, Miami, Florida  

"Very good class due to Scott's experience and knowledge in the subjects instructed on. A lot of good and
useful information in the Power Point and workbook."
Mike Jalbert, Surprise Police, Arizona

"One of the best sex crimes classes I've been too. Unlike most instructors, Mr. Scott Johnson provides
resource materials & a resource annex to refer back to & further my education."
Todd McGehee, Maricopa County Sheriff, Arizona

"I learned a lot! Good training."
Anthony Hurtado Jr., Phoenix Police, Arizona

"We don't get to go to many schools & I thoroughly enjoyed this. I will use what I learned daily".
Kim Davis, Oklahoma City Police, Oklahoma

This class needs more time. It would be nice to have a third day for this training. So much important and
awesome material & tools that more time to process would be more fruitful."
Amira Sleem, Richmond Police, Virginia

“One of the most informative and interesting trainings I have attended. I have attended many domestic
violence and sexual violence trainings, this one actually provided new and different info!! Thanks!”
Patricia Brinson, U.S. Probation, Miami, Florida

“Excellent presentation, fun and informative. We could use more training especially like this one, thorough,
informative and exciting.”
Jose Hernandez, U.S. Probation, Miami, Florida

"Overall good material & very knowledgeable of subject matter."
John Haynes, Cumberland County Sheriff, Tennessee

"Excellent presentation and knowledge. Presented information clearly, presented information that I was
previously unaware of that is beneficial to the investigative process."
Erik Summers, Dallas County District Attorney's Office, Texas

“Learned a new take about pornography and its role with the sex offender/child sex offender.”
Karen Howard, Daytona Beach Shores Police Department, Florida

"I really appreciate that you have a sense of humor and taught in layman's terms and left out the upity,
psycho-babble! You have a great ability to teach on a very personable, reachable level. I've been in similar
classes that are dry. You really brought this class to life through your experiences and not just "book" info."
Jill Smith, Irving Police Department, Texas

"Excellent class. In all my trainings this has by far been the most interesting".
Lori CHipps-Bray, McCurtain County Sheriff, Oklahoma

"Mr. Johnson was very knowledgeable on all material taught".
Officer S. White, Franklin Police Department, Virginia

"I enjoyed the course and Mr. Johnson's presentation of the material and his wit and humor!
Dorienne Boykin, Chesapeake Police Department, Virginia

"This was a really organized informational training. Everything was important to know. The soft porn portion
of the training was eye opening. It is not harmless as I though it was."
Anonymous, 2010

"Excellent knowledge & presentation. Haven't been to a training in a long time with this level of beneficiary
Jane Schmid, Brown County Probation, Minnesota

"I wish I would have had this training at the beginning of my career instead of 10 years into it. I can look back
now and see how I could have worked cases and done interviews better now that I can see the different types
of offenders and what motivates them."
Tami Hunt, Detroit Lakes Police Department, Minnesota

"I really enjoyed this training! I intend to share it with my co-workers."
Catherine Johnson, Kansas City Police Department, Missouri

"Good review of some basics at my job. I can take this info and dig deeper when I interview suspects in my
cases. Now I realize that some past suspects could have been interviewed differently to maybe get a different
Joe Oliver, McLeod County Sheriff, Minnesota

"The pornography segment was interesting and gives us another tool to use when dealing with sex offenders"
Colleen Grantham, Prince William County Police Department, Virginia

"Mr. Johnson does not sugar coat the danger violent predators and sexual offenders are to society. He uses
his wealth of experience and education to provide useful techniques for evaluating these types of offenders."
Carolyn Kinney, Fairfax County Police Department, Virginia

"Excellent material presentation by instructor- Best offender training I have attended."
Robert Wagner, Peabody Police Department, Massachusetts

“Very dynamic presentation! Lots of information to take back to the job. I learned about abusers and victims.
The material was presented with empathy and insight.”
Lynn Clarin, RN, Cigna Behavioral Health, Minnesota

“Very dynamic presentation with understandable information. Presenter had a comprehensive understanding
of the material and knowledgeable way of presenting.”
Anonymous, April 2007

"Very informative, well worth my time, much very useful in my job!"
Alvin Dupre, Louisiana DOC, Probation & Parole, Louisiana

"The class was very helpful and covered topics that are beneficial."
Jacob Andrews, New Castle County Police Department, Delaware

"The information contained in this training program will be a great tool when conducting Pre-Sentence
Investigations and in the daily supervision of sex offenders."
Elizabeth Montegomery, Louisiana DOC, Probation & Parole, Louisiana

"Great class- learned a lot of new information to use in my investigations".
Sarah Atchley, McCurtain County Sheriff, Oklahoma

"Presentation very well done, thank you!"
Detective Kolodgy, Venice Police Department, Florida

About the trainer's knowledge of the material: "subject matter expert. Kept my attention!"
John Tirado, Chesapeake Police Department, Virginia

"Instructor knew material well. Very informative. Learned some great tips, would enjoy hearing more
interviewing tips."
Anonymous, December 2008

"Great Material! Gives a professional look at a subject which is always controversial. This insight will help
greatly with my interviews."
Dawn Valure, Lake County Sheriff's Department, Minnesota

"Great class. The information will make me a better investigator. Thank you!"
Anonymous, December 2009

"I thought the info would be dry/boring, I was wrong. The instructor had a unique way of getting his point
Mark Johnson, Wylie Police Department, Texas

"Scott was wonderful, his knowledge of this topic is outstanding. My knowledge has increased as a result of
taking this training."
Soraida Muniz, U.S. Probation, Tampa, Florida

"2 days seem short for such a class."
Howard Harrison, Portsmouth Police, Virginia

"Great, informative, very knowledgeable!"
Terry Thomton, Coon Rapids Police, Minnesota

"All information was useful! Instructor very knowledgeable. There was a great deal of information to cover in
short period of time. This should be a whole course!
Rosalie Yarborough, Probation & Parole, Richmond, Virginia