Hosting or Sponsoring a Training
Two Options
Option 1- Host a Training
Provide a room for the training
Assist with refreshments
Assist with advertising (when possible)
Have a minimum of 5 individuals attend free in return for hosting (may
negotiate additional people attending free or at a reduced rate)
Assist with local and State CEU credit compliance as needed (some
states require that the hosting agency formally sponsor the training and that the agency takes
care of CEU/training paperwork)

Option 2- Sponsor a Training
Your agency is in charge of the training. You decide what topics or
material is covered and I will tailor the training accordingly.
Negotiate a flat rate for the training to allow as many individuals to
attend as possible (this may/may not include travel expenses)
Provide a room for the training
Assist with making copies of the training materials
Assist with refreshments (I supply the coffee and beverages, just
need some assistance with placing them out & use of coffee pot)
Assist with advertising (when possible)
Your agency collects registration fees from other
agencies/individuals attending or splits the total cost with other
agencies. This is often more cost effective because 1) it allows for
unlimited number of officers to attend, and 2) the sponsoring
agency can recoup the costs by charging a fee for other agencies to
send their officers to the training. This has been effective for several
agencies. In fact, often times the sponsoring agency recoups all of
their training costs and have many of their officers attend for free!
The training fee is paid when the training date is scheduled.
Be in charge of
your own training

Contact Mr.
Johnson to
discuss options to
help organize a

Network with
other agencies to
help with costs

Customize a
training to fit the
needs of your

All training
outlines can be
additional topics
are available
Call to discuss any of the above options or to negotiate your
own training  package.

Scott: 612-269-3628